The Reading Language Gym has a special interest in helping learners from grades 1 to 12 who journey with Developmental Speech-Language-related learning challenges that affect reading and written language challenges.

Who We Are

The Reading Language Gym opened in Claremont, Cape Town in June 2007. It provides therapy for learners with specific speech and language-based barriers which contribute to weak listening or reading comprehension; speech sound processing, spelling and written language. We work with a wide range of learners and despite diagnoses such as dyslexia, AD(H)D, Dyspraxia, ASD, Working Memory, Executive Function Disorder, and more, our model is one of ability rather than disability. Any language-based challenge can lead to significant impact on classroom success and issues of self-esteem. At The Reading Language Gym, we help children to demystify learning barriers, build self-esteem and attain good work practices.

What We Do


We assess various aspects of a learner’s oral language so that we can address specific underlying language processes that affect reading and written language including:
phonological processing and verbal memory
understanding of language and the ability to follow oral directions
verbal expression at the word, sentence and narrative levels
the impacts of the above skills on reading accuracy, reading comprehension, written language and spelling skills
In sessions, we target the areas of language specific to the learner’s challenges, just as one would target specific muscles at a gym. Our work requires children to invest their time, work through repetition and, crucially, show commitment. See what skills we train FAQ’s


We do not diagnose dyslexia or work with any specialized dyslexia programmes. Many of our clients have a diagnosis of dyslexia which is made by an educational psychologist. We do not work in isolation, but consult other educators who work with the client to optimize a team approach.

The Journey

We train children to take risks and make errors and, subsequently, learn from them. At The Reading Language Gym, children support and help one another along their journey. The Reading Language Gym is a creative, accepting and supportive learning environment. All intervention is strongly based on – and robustly supported by – research.