The Reading Language Gym
Ackerman Family Foundation
Shine Centre Partnership

Elizabeth Nadler-Nir from The Reading Language Gym has been working together with The Shine Centre since 2008. The Ackerman Family Foundation have generously supported Elizabeth in spreading her work for the greater good.

The Shine Centre is a non-profit organisation based in the Western Cape that provides support in literacy and language enrichment to second language children in grade 2 and 3.

Elizabeth has worked together with Kathryn Torres (Director) and Maurita Weissenberg (Founder Director) and other members of The Shine Centre to develop a training manual and structured games to be played as part of literacy hour at The Shine Centres.  Elizabeth is also involved in training volunteers on The Shine Centre Programme.  She is proud to be associated with The Shine Centre as it reaches many children who would otherwise not be able to afford structured literacy and language stimulation.

Refer to The Shine Centre Website to see how you can contribute to improving literacy levels in South Africa.

Visit: shineliteracy.org.za