Our Values

We help one another with generosity

The young people who pass through the Reading Language Gym are a shared responsibility. Therapists help one another so that we can best serve the children we work with. We talk honestly and talk openly with children, schools, colleagues and parents.

We invite children to join our program

The children are our clients and they have a sense of choice. We accept that intervention at the right time is most effective.

When children leave, the door is always open to them to return because we understand that learning challenges change with time and the new demands of higher grades.

We believe in a strong work ethic

We believe that anything is possible with focused, intensive intervention. We do not believe in quick fixes or miracle cures. We acknowledge each small miracle of success and honour children for hard work.

We are open to change

We learn from parents, children, colleagues and continued education courses. With this knowledge we aim to experiment with new ideas and refine our approach.

We aim for excellence

We meet as a team on a regular basis to question our methods and compare them to current research.